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Offer your content & monetize

If you are a broadcaster or content owner, place your TV channel or content on our Services and monetize ad inventory with us by revenue share.

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For TV Channels

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Increase the target audience of your TV channel and get access to accurate and up-to-date viewership analytics


  • Our services are highly sought-after by users for extensive choice of TV channels and seamless content streaming without the need to register.

  • Our services are accessible from a variety of platforms and devices.

Interactive Tools

Our interactive tools allow the viewer to interact with the TV shows
by rating and participating in surveys.

While watching a TV program, the viewer notices an interactive window displaying a message on the screen

Would you like to receive a promo code for a discount? Click 'OK'

Upon clicking OK, the viewer is directed to a microsite that requests the viewer’s phone number. After entering the phone number a promo code for a discount is sent to the viewer via SMS.

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  • By the time of the day/program
  • By the geolocation
  • Socio-demographic targeting
  • Based on the broadband access:
    • a) online purchases
    • b) interior decoration, etc.

For Advertisers

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Advertise directly on our platforms without intermediaries. You pay only when your advertisement is viewed. Also, receive a comprehensive report on your ad campaign`s performance.


  • Select from a wide range of advertising formats

  • Diverse ad placement options within the interface/platforms and video streams.


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